Corrosion Management

Schmitec provides corrosion management consultancy for industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, and utilities. Corrosion is an enormous cost to these industries as measured in equipment maintenance and replacement, leaks, and system failures. Our services in this area are:

  • Corrosion Consultancy and  Studies
    Schmitec offers corrosion services and consultancy studies to help clients manage and mitigate the effects and costs of corrosion. Through our consultancy and testing services, Schmitec helps clients to achieve:

    • Reduced outages and unplanned maintenance of structures and installations
    • Decreased technical and business risks
    • Optimised asset performance
    • Increase the life of existing assets
    • Reduced costs
  • Corrosion Design Basis Memorandum (CDBM)
    Schmitec provides CDBM to summarize the design basis to be incorporated into the project plan and specifications. Our design basis would include for example background information, project objectives, scope clarifications and initial values for the proposed engineering parameters. The primary objective of Schmitec’s CDBM is to summarize the principal engineer’s preliminary project approach for initial review, comment, and ultimate concurrence by our client. Our CDBM provides as a tool to assure that the design approach is consistent with the client’s objectives prior to expending substantial design efforts.
  • Corrosion Assessment & Management Plan
    After threat assessment has been identified, Schmitec will provide corrosion assessment and management plan to mitigate the corrosion.
  • Corrosion Audit, Risk & Threat Assessment
    The first step in managing a system’s integrity is the identification of potential threats. Schmitec has expertise in evaluating various threats, including internal corrosion, external corrosion and stress corrosion cracking (SCC)
  • Risk Based Inspection
    Risk Based Inspection refers to the application of risk analysis principles which helps Schmitec to manage inspection programs for plant assets, in order to establish a cost-effective inspection and maintenance system that provides assurance of integrity and reliability.
  • Corrosion Prevention System Design
    Schmitec provides design configuration for corrosion prevention to its clients where we would assist and evaluate their selections of proper materials and finishes and the use of corrosion inhibitors.Our comprehensive variety of services of electrochemical corrosion controls systems in this area includes:

    • Cathodic Protection (CP) – CP is an electrochemical technique used to prevent corrosion on buried or submerged metallic structures. CP is a dynamic preventative measure which is able to independently adjust the level of corrosion protection according to local conditions.
    • Anodic Protection (AP) – AP is an electrochemical technique used to prevent corrosion on carbon steel sulphuric acid resulting in better quality acid and higher retail value.
    •  Potential Adjusted Protection (PAP) – PAP is an electrochemical technique that halts the often catastrophic effect that pitting corrosion has on high alloy steels in corrosive environments. In comparison to conventional corrosion prevention techniques, PAP is easier to install, less expensive to maintain and more effective at preventing corrosion. In addition, PAP can enable engineers to use less expensive alloys which keeps costs down and expedites delivery.
    • System Design and Engineering
    • Inspection
    • Maintenance
    • Remote Monitoring (RMS)
    • Materials Supply
  • Corrosion Mapping
    Schmitec provides Corrosion mapping which involves scanning one or more straight beam probes over a prescribed, dual axis scan pattern over a pipe or pressure vessel surface whilst taking thickness measurements. The measurements are converted into digital values which are color-coded to create topographic maps of the vessel or pipe wall thickness profile.